St. Mary's Church

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St. Mary's Church
Location: St. Mary's Church
Rubble Piles: 5
Locked Rooms: N/A
Barred Doors: 2
Traders: 1
Enemies:  ?

The St. Mary's Church is a Location in This War Of Mine.

Description[edit | edit source]

"St. Mary's Church is still a place of meetings for the local community. Priest Olek is known for his charitable work and offering refuge to the poor. He might have something to give away or trade. The vestry behind the church is devastated and abandoned. We could find some useful materials there."

Loot Information[edit | edit source]

St. Mary's Church Events[edit | edit source]

There are two different layouts of St. Mary's Church.

The first one is where there is a priest meeting you in the lobby. Trading will be possible with him. He will ask you not to disturb his friends living beneath the church. That means that if you climb down the ladder you can't open the door to the left and go through it. If you do, multiple people will chase you with weapons. You can however go to the right into the abandoned building. Anything you take from here will not provoke the priest (he might follow you there). There will be another scavenger there but he will leave you alone. However, if you run past him or run around the abandoned building, he may become hostile. There is a space beneath the open street above which leads into the basement of the church. If you enter this space and notice you, they will also chase you, as sometimes the priest will follow you, it's recommended to check him before trying to get the materials behind the bars. If anyone of the church became hostile on you, the scavenger on the abandoned house (the one with a gun) will become hostile and attacks you. He has a battle skill if you decided to fight him it's better to sneak-kill or using better weapons. A Shovel is highly recommended for this layout.

The second layout is when you climb a construction ladder to enter the church. It would seem they were renovating it when the war started. In this case there will be several thugs throughout the church and the abandoned house next to it. They will attack on sight. One is searching a cabinet in the church, he is distracted for a good amount of time. There are 4 more in the abandoned vestry building. The enemies are unarmored but armed, so stealth is advised if one decides to try and kill them. They are scums so it generally doesn't hurt your morale (unless the person who does the killing doesn't like it, eg. boris/cveta).

Note that there are two exits on this location. If you run into trouble and you can't run back the way you came, try to sprint to the other exit.

St. Mary's Church Strategy[edit | edit source]

There are 6 people at the Church (1 Priest /2 Guards/ 3 Children (harmless you shouldn't kill them)), so you're going to need 1 Weapon. Enter the church and go to the 1st basement to the left. There's 1 guard. Climb the ladder down and try to dodge the guard until he loses sight of you. Once you've got enough space try to hide in the shadows on the 2nd basement floor. Now be patient until the guard comes back, backstab him. The priest will also attack you but as far as I know he has no weapon. You can damage (with 2 attacks) or kill him.

There are 3 children in the bedroom but you shouldn't kill them since your character will be too depressed if you do. If you enter their room they will run to the other guard who is in the right building to the right. Do not face him head on as he has a gun. Try to get some space from him until he loses sight of you. Hide in the shadows and then backstab him. Now you can take your time to loot. Also don't forget to bring your Hatchet if you need wood and fuel.

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