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Location: Warehouse
Rubble Piles: N/A
Locks: 2 Locks
Barred Doors: 2
Traders: N/A
Enemies: 3


  1. This used to be a warehouse of a big store. Currently it's used as a hideout by a group of armed thugs. We might find useful things there if we can sneak in, but it is very dangerous.


Instance 1

Huge amounts of Food
Huge amounts of Materials
Lots of Meds
Huge amounts of Weapons
Huge amounts of Parts


Instance 1

Armed Thug - Shotgun, Military Vest.
Armed Thug - Shotgun, Military Vest.
Armed Thug - Assault Rifle, Military Vest.

Instance 2

Armed Thug - Shotgun, Military Vest.
Armed Thug - pistol, Military Vest.
Armed Thug - Assault Rifle, Military Vest.


Instance 1

In the warehouse there are three men that are heavily equipped. All have body armor, knives, and a firearm of some sort (Usually two have assault rifles and one has a shotgun). At the very beginning two men talk in front of the door but disperse after a brief conversation. The other is normally upstairs on the third or second floor. This is a treasure trove of materials. Wait for the two thugs to have their conversation. Enter the outer room and observe the enemies, one will head for the third floor one will head for the 2nd floor balcony. Be sure to bring a character armed with a good melee weapon. DO NOT USE GUNS. A single shot and everyone comes running and you're dead. There are hiding holes, head for the third floor hiding hole. The NPC walks from the bathroom/storage room on the left side of the screen to the bedroom (right side) at regular intervals. You should be able to make it there without being detected. Be careful of the NPC on second floor. Take out the guy on third floor as he walks past you, quickly and quietly. Then either sneak up on guy on balcony, you should be able to stealth kill him, or wait in the hiding hole until he walks out. He can be drawn out if you make noise. Be sure to be in hiding hole when he comes out. Take him out the same way you got the first guy. Take both guns and all ammo plus vest, and scavenge parts and lumber. Head home. Come back again, bringing a good melee weapon, crow bar and saw. Your going to cut your way in and loot the house. The third NPC does not leave the ware house often, and when he does he doesn't stay out long. Loot everything you can from the house, leaving melee weapons/crowbars in favor of loot. The third NPC is easy to kill. remember to pick up a melee weapon you dropped after the second trip, then simply sneak up on him and wait in the hiding hole on bottom floor when he walks outside. When he comes back in he will walk right past you. Stealth attack him and take him out. Requires patience but don't worry, if you time it right you should still have time to loot. If you can take out all three NPC's. as the ware house is an invaluable supply source for you.

The three guys are all scumbags/bandits, so moral impact to your survivors should be minimal. you will find a ton of ammo, food and other gear there. Once you've dealt with bad guys, clean it out until there's nothing left.