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In This War Of Mine there are options for trading, when you encounter other survivors/military some of them might be open for trade. Interacting with them opens UI containig your invenory and their trade inventory. There's no currency, so you'll have to arrange a barter.

See List of Items for tradable objects or Item Values to see the list of values. All Items except Snow are trade-able.

Note: Different characters may value certain Items more highly than others. In one Location, the Hotel trader can offer as many as 32 Components for a single Moonshine, compared to Franko's offer of 10 Components. If you aren't desperate for a certain item, it may be worth it to shop around to see what you can get.

Note 2: The value of certain Items can vary over time based on supply and demand. The news and weather forecasts on the Radio give a good indication of which items are currently highly valued (for example, Fuel, Components and Wood become more valuable when it is cold).

Note 3: Trading in large amounts of similarly priced items, e.g. water for components, shows that traders seek for certain profit, not just equal trade. Franko's exchange rate seems to be close to 0.83, garage - 0.75, military outpost - 0.71, hospital - 0.62 (Those are values from single playthrough before update, yet to comfirm to be stable)

Trade Preferences (Please verify the below ingame)

  • The military outpost has suggested they prefer booze and cigarettes.
  • The man at the garage says he wants bandages and medicine for his father.