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"City Hospital" is missing from the list of locations on the main page.

Guys i really didnt get it get what?

When i started play this game on this WIKIA`s wiki was no any stuff so i found out this:

but why the fck here 2 wikis then This is now the official wiki

guys you should come to conclusion what to use and copy paste info i guess(or maybe im wrong?) I believe this has been done.

i whould like to help but dunno what to do now... Play the game, add information about it here. Easy peasy. Ugro (talk) 14:09, 19 November 2014 (UTC)

Please help!! with the names of NPCs. Names of NPCs can sometimes be overheard in conversation, this is common If you kill them, and another NPC runs in and says "<name> NOO!" or something. Does anyone know any other methods for obtaining names?
BetafulMind (talk)

Need confirmation of a glitch; One playthrough with Central Square (Why isn't this in the list of Locations?) where vendors sold all items for "almost nothing". A single weapons part was able to buy out their entire inventory. Items used for barter which were added to there inventory was sold at normal value, only applies to their standard stock.
BetafulMind (talk)

-The main page could use a link to the City Hospital.