St. Mary's Church

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St. Mary's Church
Location: St. Mary's Church: Trading
Rubble Piles: 7
Locks: 0
Barred Doors: 2
Barricades: 1
Traders: 1
Enemies: 0

"St. Mary's Church is still a place of meetings for the local community. Priest Olek is known for his charitable work and offering refuge to the poor. He might have something to give away or trade. The vestry behind the church is devastated and abandoned. We could find some useful materials there."

Loot Information

Some Food
Huge amounts of Materials
Lots of Meds
Huge amounts of Weapons
Huge amounts of Parts
Caution advised


There are two different layouts of St. Mary's Church. This page is for the peaceful trading scenario, for the thugs scenario see St. Mary's Church - Thugs.

You can tell that you have the peaceful scenario because the front door of the church is open. Priest Olek meets you in the church, and will ask you not to disturb his flock beneath the church. You can trade with him.

To avoid hostility, comply with his request and do not go to the left under the church. The left section is not counted in the statistics above. Instead, you can go to the right either by cutting through the bars and digging through the rubble, or by going up the ladder to cross the courtyard to the vestry. If you choose to cross the courtyard, you will need to climb to the second level to enter the building as the ground floor door is barricaded from the other side.

There is a neutral scavenger in the vestry, they are no threat unless attacked. The top floor of the vestry is barred. The rest of the building has multiple rubble piles. There is an exit at the rear of the vestry.


There's a glitch/bug in St.mary's church where you get unlimited Basic Supplies (Food,Meds,consumables,addictions etc.)

Its easy and simple to do this glitch.

First off,kill the armed scavenger under the church where the flock sleeps then leave (Note:Dont loot the basement the first time you kill the scavenger,just leave or loot the 2nd building near the church)

Come the next day and punch Father Olek ONCE,BUT dont kill him,just scare him

Then loot the Lootable stash near the entrance/near to the door of the church basement

"BUT" Dont loot the whole place,only the stash near the entrance

(Includes Meds,food,consumables,addictions etc.)

Then just keep coming back after a day or 2 and loot the same stash near the entrance or door of the basement

Note:Dont run to the stash,just sneak just to be sure

Another glitch bug in St.mary's church where Olek catches you stealing (even when you dont pick anything) Olek will no longer trade with you for the night