Sniper Junction

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Sniper Junction
Location: Sniper Junction
Rubble Piles: ?
Locks: ?
Barred Doors: 2
Traders: none
Enemies: none

The city center used to be beautiful, with parks, squares and monuments, surrounded by old builds. Unfortunately, numerous incidents with civilians shot out there earned it the nickname: 'Sniper Junction'. We may find valuable things there, but it's very risky.


This location has only one layout. Sometimes it will be replaced with Central Square. The first time you visit, there are two NPCs (3 if you include Jacob, the baby), both of whom are neutral. They will not be there during subsequent visits. There is only one exit on the far right. The area is quite large and it takes some time to run past the sniper, so finishing in time can be an issue. That being said, the area is quite safe and generally has a lot of valuable loot.

To pass the square without being shot you need to take shelter behind objects. Think about this location as being a 3D one, with the Hotel far away in the back and you in front. You need to keep yourself out of the line-of-sight from the sniper in the Hotel. In case the sniper is not shooting (on subsequent visits when you're the only one on the map), you need to place yourself very close to the edge of the cover, to bait the sniper to shoot at you - as long as you're still behind cover you won't get shot)


The entrance contains two loot piles with lots of components and wood. The first time you visit, an NPC scavenger will warn you about the sniper covering the street. 1 Raw Food, 5 Components and 7 pieces of wood are in his inventory, and can be obtained through killing him.

Sniper Area

Although he isn't visible, there is a sniper across the way firing at anyone who ventures into the area. Objects in the background such as the statue and broken cars will protect from sniper fire. The sniper can easily be avoided by waiting for him to fire from behind cover, and then running to the next piece of cover. It is especially easy with Pavle, though it's very tricky to pull off with Boris or someone who is wounded.

A sewer can be used to move between the central statue and a building to the far left, allowing you to skip roughly half of the firing zone; however, this door will be barricaded from the left side.

TIP: If you're wounded crossing the snipers kill zone, waiting until Dawn can be a viable option for avoiding the return trip. It is not possible (excluding bugs/exploits) to pass the sniper when movement is crippled, the survivor moves too slow and will be gunned down.

Wounded Man Event

During your first visit, a wounded man will spawn under the statue and ask for help getting into the sewer below the street. To help him, simply open the boarded door in the sewers from the left side. If you help the man, he will take you to his apartment flat in the apartment building and reveal 5 pieces of jewelry under his bed. The jewelry will disappear after your first visit.

Helping the wounded man will increase morale for the survivors. If you don't help him, survivor morale will decrease and you will find his corpse on your next visit. His corpse can be looted for weapons, bandages, medicine, or food.

Killing the man yields 3 canned food and 2 medications. In case you kill the man, on any subsequent visits you will find a note replacing Jacob, the baby, saying that somebody took him to keep him safe (more info required here).

Apartment Building

The apartment building on the left generally contains a lot of valuable loot, as well as plenty of wood and components. To access it all, you need 2 sawblades. There is also a locked door, but you don't need to unlock it to access everything. There are two medicine cabinets that are likely to contain medications and herbal meds, and a refrigerator that is likely to contain food. The wooden cabinet on the top left often contains rare valuables such as broken handguns, broken shotguns, broken assault rifles, broken helmets, broken military vests and broken guitars. Also, a lot of the furniture can be chopped for wood and fuel using a hatchet.

Loot Information

Additional Loot

Scavenger - Raw Food, 5 Components, 7 woods.
Wounded Man - 3 Canned Foods, 2 Medicines.
5 Jewelry can be obtained as a reward for unblocking the sewer passage.


If your scavenger gets severely wounded and is trapped, remember that characters who get caught by the dawn always make it back home safely. Bide your time in the sewers and wait until morning.