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Small Apartment Building

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Small Apartment Building
Location: Small Apartment Building - family
Rubble Piles: 3
Locks: 2
Barred Doors: 0
Traders: No
Enemies: 1
Small Apartment Building
Location: Small Apartment Building - thugs
Rubble Piles: 0
Locks: 1
Barred Doors: 2
Traders: No
Enemies: 3

The Small Apartment Building is a Location in This War Of Mine.


  • variant: thugs

"This old apartment building used to be owned by an elderly couple and their son, but they fled before the siege. There are rumors of some shady-looking, well armed individuals taking refuge there. We had better be careful if we decide to go there."


  • variant: family

"This old apartment building is owned by an elderly couple and their son. They are still around, somehow managing to fend off looters. They probably have supplies like food and meds but won't be willing to share them with us. We can try to steal or take them by force. Lock picks might come in handy."

  • Stealthed relatively easily to gain access to materials, parts, and food, but will likely require either a stealth kill, or a melee weapon kill to gather everything.
  • It usually contains a large amount of useful loot, such as Weapon Parts, Medicine, Broken Assault Rifle, Broken Vest, Broken Helmet and Guitar.
  • The character will spawn at either side of the building, with the right-side spawn being more difficult. There is a fluttering window on the top floor which shows up as noise.
  • There are 3 hostile enemies of which the son is the only one that is armed, with a Shotgun, they all usually drop Pistols and Ammunition. After the son is killed the parents will simply run away.
    (In one instance the son dropped a Shotgun, Pistol, and Military Vest, need confirmation if it is guaranteed drop) (Confirmed; If you also found a Knife and 4 Ammunition on his corpse, his name is Alsekey, the fathers name is Marius, the wifes name is still unknown.)
  • (Instance ?) To access all rooms, 2 Sawblades and 1 Crowbar are required.
  • (Instance ?) In my play game all that was needed was a Shovel and a Crowbar

Loot Information


Occupied by either an elderly couple (Marius & Neda) and their son (Alsekey).
by 2 armed males and a passive female.


Instance A: Marius, his wife, and their son Alsekey.
Instance B: 2 males, 1 female.


In the instance which it is occupied by the elderly couple and their son, it can be cleared very easily. A knife is needed to stealth assault and ideally, a crowbar, a shovel, and a survivor not very affected by killing, like Roman. climb onto the middle floor and look though the door where the son is. He will have a brief conversation with himself and then eventually move along. When he leaves the room, sprint to the hiding spot in the room he was previously in and hide in it. He will notice the noise and come back into the room. Wait until the backstab icon appears and backstab him. His parents will hear and come to his body and cry. They will not be a threat to you and you can take all of their belongings.