Shelled School

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Shelled School
Location: Shelled School
Rubble Piles: 4
Locks: 1
Barred Doors: 2
Traders: ?
Enemies: ?

The Shelled School is a Location in This War Of Mine.


There are two possible descriptions.

Hobo Shrine

The school has been shelled several times. Unfortunately most of the cellars have collapsed so it might be a good idea to bring a shovel and maybe some other tools. They say some homeless people have taken refuge inside the building

Trading Post

This school was damaged by mortar shells. No classes held for a long time. Recently a group of rebel militiamen moved into the abandoned building. They might be willing to trade with us.


Sprawling structure, there are multiple rubble piles, a few grated doors requiring a sawblade, and possibly a few locked doors or containers.

There are two variants, in one it is occupied by homeless/refugees who are not hostile unprovoked. in the second it is occupied by armed men who will trade as long as you stay in the first and second floor lobbies and don't go further. The man on the second floor will come out and trade with you.

2 Sawblades and 1 Crowbar are required to access all the rooms.