Shelled Cottage

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Shelled Cottage
Location: Shelled Cottage
Rubble Piles: 2
Locks: 2
Barred Doors: No
Traders: No
Enemies: N/A

The Shelled Cottage is a Location in This War Of Mine. In the Shelled Cottage there's no Enemies except a rat which makes some noise. Everything is pretty accessible, except for 2 Rubble Piles which must be cleaned up before you can access some of the hidden locations.


"This neighborhood recently got shelled and many houses are still burning. People were feeling for their lives in a hurry, so we may find some useful stuff there without meeting anyone."

Loot Information

Shelled Cottage Events

This should be the first location to loot, with no hostile enemies. There is no need to bring weapon. Medicine, food cans, Raw Food and Weapon Parts can all spawn here(It is possible that it contain a Broken Shotgun that you can repair). There are two items that you will require a Crowbar or Lockpicks. It is not required on the first trip as there is plenty to loot without need to bring a Crowbar. The second trip you should bring the Crowbar to open the locked door and a locked cabinet.