Semi-Detached House

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Semi-Detached House
Location: Semi-Detached House - hostile
Rubble Piles: 0
Locks: 3-4
Barred Doors: 2
Traders: 0
Enemies: 1

The Semi-Detached House is a Location in This War Of Mine.

Visiting this location will unlock the Garage.


  • variant: hostile

"Half of it is a ruin, but there are people living in the other half. They don't seem friendly - at night you can sometimes hear shots fired from there. We could probably scour the abandoned part for supplies if we manage to sneak past the inhabited part."


  • variant: trade

"Half of it is a ruin, but there are people living in the other half. Apparently, they aren't hostile and have a lot of stuff to barter, even food and meds. Let's remember to take something to trade if we're going to pay them a visit."

Loot Information

Semi-Detached House Events

There are two possible events in this location.

  • hostile: The Scavenger will start the night on the right side of the building. Four survivors can be found. One holding an shotgun, Bozena, will shoot the Scavenger but won't kill him/her. After the Scavenger is lethally wounded, Bozena then ordered the Scavenger to leave. Attack her at this time will possibly cause the death of the Scavenger. If the Scavenger managed to take down Bozena, the other three survivors will run toward where Bozena laid and start crying, they don't perform hostile acts.
  • trade: The Scavenger start at the left side of the building. A survivor can be found between the two buildings, which can start a trade with. Trespassing and hostile acts may lead to their hostilities. If you managed to take down Oleg, Bozena will run towards Oleg and start crying.

Semi-Detached House Strategy

  • the next strategy is for variant trade

This area has at least 3 hostiles, and a number of Grated Doors that require Sawblades. If starting from left side you will need a shovel to clear the basement of 2 rubble piles and a locked door with a crowbar if you want to sneak into right half of map. Bozena can be easily taken down if you attack from below with a gun, or can be stealth-attacked by waiting for the two people talking to go upstairs and then sneaking up behind her and using the knife.