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Each Night you are able to scavenge one Location in your neighbourhood with one Survivor to gather all the things you need to stay alive.

Scavenge Facts

Scavenge begins at 8PM and ends at 5AM.
Lethally Wounded, Broken, Exhausted, Drunk, and/or Terminally Sick survivors cannot partake in any Scavenge.
If the survivor does not return to the exit by 5AM they do not return until later in the day, possibly with an injury suffered on the return.



You will occasionally come across scavenger(s) on locations such as the Supermarket and they will loot stashes, removing items until they return home or are forced to stop by a shotgun to the face.


Some NPCs attack you on sight, most guard their territory fiercely and trespassing will result in NPCs becoming hostile and attacking the survivor.
Weapons used by NPCs can be fist or any weapon in the game.
Scoped Rifle is a 1-of-a-kind weapon used by a sniper team in Construction Site.


Some locations have a Trader, they can sometimes walk inside defended territory causing you to unintentionally trespass.
Once a Trader becomes hostile with the survivor, they will remain hostile even on returning visits with a different survivor.


Generally attacking any non-thug will result in negative morale, the less armed they are, the worse the effect.
See Morale.

Character Traits

Some survivors have traits which are only/partially used when scavenging, such as:
Roman's Trained In Combat: +20% Damage.
Arica's Sneaks Quietly: Silent when sneaking, sneak noise level when running.
Boris's Strong But Slow: 17 Inventory slots, -20% Movement Speed.
Marko's Skilled Scavenger: 15 Inventory slots.
Pavle's Fast Runner: +20% Movement Speed.