Ruined Villa

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"They say some people still live there, against all odds. They must have some supplies stocked, like canned food and possibly bandages or medicines, but they don't want to traded. If we're desperate, we could try to steal from them."


Two instances of this location can be found.

  1. What seems to be a couple live here. The husband is aggressive towards intruders, and the wife will run towards her husband for help and then they will hunt for the Scavenger. The husband is equipped with a knife.
  2. Four deserter soldiers can be found . At least one armed with an Assault Rifle. They will shoot the Scavenger on sight.

Loot Information

  • Lots of Food
  • Huge amounts of Materials
  • Lots of Meds
  • Huge amounts of Weapons
  • Huge amounts of Parts
  • Danger

Best tools for the job: Armor if you have any, hatchet and Roman is highly recommended for this mission. Bring a lockpick as you can create an easy escape route upstairs after you kill the first soldier. 2 soldiers are patrolling which can be taken out with a backstab, the other 2 sits in the dining room and doesn't move. Make some noise to distract them so they break off and take them out 1 by 1. It may take 2 nights to deal with the soldiers depends on your luck (they are all armored and have shotgun/assault rifle so I recommend stealth kill). These soldiers are scums so killing them shouldn't cause any significant morale penalty.