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Name: Roman
Characteristics: Trained In Combat
Inventory Size: 10
Weaknesses: Smoker

One of the possible Survivors in This War Of Mine.

Description[edit | edit source]

"I never thought I'd end up running and hiding from my buddies. But that's how things turned out. We were like brothers, and now I'm a dead man to them. My crew had ruled the hood since we were teens until just before the war. Then some of us got drafted, like my best friend Leon, others like me volunteered for the militia, it was going to be the ultimate showdown and every single one of us wanted a piece of the action"

Roman's Story[edit | edit source]

The following text appears as entries in Roman's diary on varying days.

"I was at the front line since the shit got serious. My unit was always the first to go in and the last to get out. After I lost a quarter of my men, the elders decided we needed some R&R. That's how I wound up in Pegoren, where all was quiet. It was not to last."

"The battle for Pogoren was short and ugly. When the man in the street can turn out to be the enemy, people start... taking precautions. Like shooting anyone who looks at them funny. I'm not saying I did that, but I was the minority."

"After the borders between our turf and the enemy's were more or less stable, things got even uglier. Entire groups were rounded up and some people shot after having been interrogated. One day we were ordered to dispose of a bunch of such poor bastards. I recognized one of them. It was Leon, my best childhood buddy. I aimed over their heads. Others didn't."

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

  • Trained In Combat
  • Smoker
  • One-hit kill any hostile using backstab (with knife, crowbar or hatchet; with knife or hatchet kills armoured military units in one-hit too).
  • Capable of murder with reduced negative impact.
  • Will likely get into a fight if placed at guard
  • Would fight at any level of sadness with other characters and increase their wound level.
  • [unconfirmed] At sad level, he fights with other members once in 2-3 days, at depressed or lower levels - every day.
  • [1 in 3 Chance] Leaving Roman to guard at night might also make others use less ammunition if shelter was raided
  • Can drink even when not sad.
  • A good guitar player

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Inventory size: 10 Backpack Slots

Events[edit | edit source]

Player can receive a photo with a dirty ashtray and the statements:

  • Roman smokes a lot.
  • Roman has recently been smoking compulsively.

seems to occur when Roman is set to Guard constantly.

End Game[edit | edit source]

The following text will appear when the game ends and Roman is alive.

Good Ending

"After the war, Roman sought out his former buddies and much to his relief learnt that most admired his courage and the decision he made. He returned to his neighborhood and became a leader of the local community. "

Sad Ending

"Roman survived the war. Tortured by his past, he started doing hard drugs and a few years later died of drug-related health problems."

Alternate Ending

"Roman survived the war but avoided his old haunts, anxious to meet his former comrades. He settled in the countryside and tried to start a new life, but remained haunted by his past."

The following text will appear when the game ends and Roman is dead.

"As so many other tough-as-nails guys, Roman didn't make it. His motivations will remain unknown to his buddies, and some of them still think he betrayed them."

The Survivors in This War Of Mine