Quiet House

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Quiet House
Location: Quiet House
Rubble Piles: 0
Locks: 3 (1 Redundant)
Barred Doors: 0
Traders: No
Enemies: 2 (non-hostile)

The Quiet House is one of the Locations in This War Of Mine.


"It's in a housing estate that remains almost untouched. It's a calm area of little houses with porches and gardens. Most of those houses are still inhabited-people are trying to lead normal lives there. We've got nothing to look for there, unless we're willing to steal."

Loot Information

Quiet House Events

2 elderly people, wife and husband have boarded up in their house with food and medicine. They will not retaliate when you steal from them, but cower in fear. The Survivors bios will be updated with the bad karma. The old lady comments that she liked her husband in his youth when he was in the army, but she doesn't like these army guys now.

If the first time you enter and steal from them but you choose to not harm anyone they will appear after a few days dead in the bed.

There are three locked doors that will require a crowbar or lockpick to open. Two of the locked doors open the same room in the basement, you only need to open one of them to access the room. The last door is the door to the outside in the back of the house.

Anton & Emilia are the least morally impacted by the couples fate.
Roman & Bruno show little concern for stealing, but dislike killing.
Cveta can be Broken by killing them, especially If coupled with Our Shelter being successfully raided on the same night.


Elderly Male, weak and non-violent with Medication in his inventory.
Elderly Female, extremely weak and non-violent with 2 Jewelry in her inventory.