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Old Town

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Old Town
Location: Old Town
Rubble Piles: 2
Locks: 2
Barred Doors: 1
Traders: ?
Enemies: ?

The Old Town is a Location in This War Of Mine. It was made accessible in update 1.3.


In-game description:

"The old town used to be a crucible of cultures. With its distinct mix of architectural styles and many great Grazi and Vyseni restaurants and pubs. Military positions in the overlooking mountains make it a dangerous place now, but if we take the risk we might find some supplies there."

This location appears empty until certain 'magnifying glass' objects are investigated. These will indicate the presence of an individual keeping refuge in the house, and explore their backstory. It is recommended to loot the basement and all immediately accessible areas of the house prior to investigating the magnifying glass objects. Near the building exit on the right-hand side of the map, writing on the wall indicates there is a sniper. Exposing your survivor from cover in this area will instigate sniper fire after a very short delay, so it is recommended to sprint into cover as soon as possible.

The initial upstairs area is accessible with a saw blade. A magnifying glass object in the kitchen area will indicate it is likely someone is living in the house. A lock-pick or crowbar (Shovel optional) is required to explore the rest of the upper level. Investigating the magnifying glass beyond the locked door appears to spawn the individual living here, "Robert." This same event will reveal a stash in the upstairs kitchen area, near the magnifying glass, which includes a unique object. The object is expressly related to Robert. Perhaps it can be activated in some special way, but its purpose beyond semi-valuable trade item is currently unknown.

After spawning, if Robert sees your survivor he will give a warning to leave, and will become hostile if the player does not comply; he is unarmed. Robert is considered an innocent civilian, and killing him will result in reduced happiness.

A pile of rubble blocks the exit on the right side of the house, and another at the right side of the upstairs area blocks an opening to a balcony leading to otherwise inaccessible loot. Proceeding further will instigate sniper fire on both the balcony and in the back yard of the house. It is possible to sprint to the tank in the backyard and use this as cover to avoid damage, however the first loot pile in the back yard is within the Sniper's line of site and looting it will instigate fire. Crossing over the balcony is likely to result in being shot, so a bulletproof vest can be useful for looting this area without being wounded.