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Military Outpost

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The Military Outpost is extremely resourceful and dangerous. Soldiers can be seen nearly anywhere.


At first soldiers will ignore the Scavenger unless they see him/her trespassing,attacking.

The player can start a trade with one soldier in the small warehouse near the exit. If he is not there just wait a couple of minutes. Medical Supplies and cheap Weapons, Parts and Ammo can be traded for cigarettes and alcohol. Then the choices are either stealing from the cabinet behind the soldier or killing.

It can be scavenged for a lot of weapons (Assault Rifles), ammo (About 200 bullets in total), and a lot of meds. You need 3 Saw-blades (1 for meds, 2 are required to get to a lot of ammo and some weapons), and a crowbar or 4 lockpicks (Even though there are 4 locked cabinets, there are no locked doors).

Strategy for Stealing There are two cases the soldier says "excuse me" -- 1. another soldier comes to him; or 2. he leaves by himself. Case 1 supplies insufficient time so only steal in case 2. You will have to use the one-time lock picking tool and walk to the cabinet to avoid making noise. Also do not open the door before the soldier closes the second door, otherwise you will be spotted. You probably need two attempts to finish lock picking plus scavenging. The cabinet is usually full of highly valuable resources(and this is guaranteed the first time you steal it). Most frequent are medicines, water, raw meat and weapon parts. Weapons and ammo are also possible.

It is also possible that the two soldiers leave for the barrack in the back. Then you do not need to worry about either time or noise while stealing. This is most likely to happen if your crossing restriction line is detected but not caught at stealing. The two soldiers will warn you to leave, and they will leave after you comply.

Strategy for Killing the Soldiers It can be difficult to kill all the soldiers, especially the 2 starting ones. It is recommended to wait until the trader says "excuse me" and then climb up the ladder and backstab the guy watching the area. After this, stay at the top of the ladder and shoot the soldiers as they attempt to climb up the ladder. The shotgun is very effective here, as you use a minimal amount of bullets and the close range allows you to achieve maximum damage. If you need to attract the attention of more soldiers, run along the top of the building and then back to the top of the ladder. This will usually allow you to clear 3 of the soldiers without risk to yourself.

If you need to, bring a long-ranged weapon, but a melee weapon is enough to kill everyone. A military vest+helmet are recommended as they protect you from a lot of the counterattacks the soldiers can surprise you with. You will usually not win a 1v1 situation unless you get the first strike without any armor, but the later area has more spots to hide, resulting in a instant kill instead of just a powerful strike from behind.

For a total walkthrough of the Military Outpost, see this guide by FrontTowardsGamer.com


It walks you through how to kill all the Soldiers and get as much loot as possible.

You can also watch this video guide as well: