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Location: Garage
Rubble Piles: 0
Locks: 1
Barred Doors: 1
Traders: 1
Enemies: 2 Neutral

The Garage is a Location in This War Of Mine. In the Garage there's 2 Neutral NPCs, a father and son with whom you can trade. Once The Survivor walks past the collapsed structure, the son will come out from his room and ask if the Scavenger has any medical items. He will often offer useful items like Crowbars, Sawblades, Shovels, Weapon Parts and Ammunition. It is possible to climb the roof and reach rooms past the Father and Son, but this requires a Sawblade to enter.

How to Unlock[edit | edit source]

There are only two known ways to unlock this location:

  • either have it unlocked by default as part of the three locations in the start of the game (you need to re-start again a lot of times until you have it). In this case, during the winter it will be blocked due to snow.
  • after the 1st visit to any location when starting with Decrepit Squat, Shelled Cottage and Semi-Detached House (the variant with the hostiles). In this case, it will be available during the winter.

Description[edit | edit source]

"Before the war, you could have your car repaired there. It was a decent family business, run by an impulsive son and his elderly father. If they still live there, they might be willing to trade with us. Alternatively, we might find lots of useful parts there and maybe even some food."

Loot Information[edit | edit source]

Garage Events[edit | edit source]

If the Scavenger moves into the son's room, he will warn the Scavenger to get out. Taking any items marked Private Property will anger the son.The son then will fire at the Scavenger with a Pistol. Should the player eliminate him, the Scavenger will become depressed, and other Survivors might feel sad (except for Bruno). Should the player leave the son unharmed, the Scavenger and other Survivors (except for Bruno) will feel content.

Garage Strategy[edit | edit source]

The 2 NPCs are neutral as long as you don't enter inside where the old man lives or in the basement. Also being caught stealing will make them be hostile towards you.

If you're able to trade for a Sawblade with the son you can then climb up and get around from the backside, sneaking when possible. If you use a lockpick on the door at the bottom of the ladder you can sneak and steal all their supplies from underneath without any issues, and without having to kill anyone. You can hide all your items in the spot near the back entrance and exit there.