Decrepit Squat

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Decrepit Squat
Location: Decrepit Squat
Rubble Piles: 0
Locks: 1
Barred Doors: 1
Traders: 1
Enemies: 0

The Decrepit Squat is a Location in This War Of Mine.

Description[edit | edit source]

"It's been inhabited by the homeless since long before the war. They've always been struggling with the lack of food and might not have survived the recent shortages. They shouldn't be a threat and we could find some useful things there."

Loot Information[edit | edit source]

Decrepit Squat Events[edit | edit source]

This is a 2 floor ruin with a basement. There is one barred doorway requiring a saw, and one locked cabinet.

There is a hungry homeless man who will ask for food. If you give him food he will reveal a hidden item location in the basement, it also appears some survivors will get happiness from helping him. The hidden stash usually contains Jewelry, Moonshine, Pure Alcohol.

If you do not help him he will starve after the first 2-3 visits (in my case the 2nd day when I returned with food he was already dead) and you will come across a man commenting on his death, and the homeless man's body will be covered with a sheet.

Generally a lot of wood and components, no food at this location.

Decrepit Squat Strategy[edit | edit source]

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