Assault Rifle

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In This War Of Mine you can find random Items which will help The Survivors survive.
Weapons are used in the Night to (automatically) protect your Home from Bandits or to take with you on a Scavenge.


Military Assault Rifle, with a good rate of fire.


Compared to the Pistol, Shotgun, and Scoped Rifle the Assault Rifle stats are:

  • Bullet Damage: Low
  • Damage Per Second: High
  • Accuracy: Medium
  • Range: Medium
  • Speed: Fast
  • Overview: The Assault Rifle has burst fire, which fires 3 low damage bullets in the same time it takes a Pistol to fire 1, making it a very effective weapon but requires more ammunition than most.

Weapon Facts

Burst fire with 3 ammo consumed.
Aimed attack kills NPCs in a single burst at close range, consuming 3 ammo.
Roman is capable of killing NPCs with only 2 ammo consumed. (Not all, just some which would take others 3 bullets due to Roman's +20% Weapon Damage.)
Assault Rifles use the least ammo during raids. [unconfirmed]


Possible barter at Military Camp.
Aggressive soldier at the Supermarket carries an Assault Rifle.
One of the 3 scavengers at the Supermarket carries an Assault Rifle.
Bartel, one of the Deserters at the Ruined Villa carries an Assault Rifle.
Sniper at the construction site who is teamed to a sniper using the Scoped Rifle uses an Assault Rifle.
One of the guards at the City Hospital carries an Assault Rifle.
All but 1 of the soldiers at the Military Camp carry Assault Rifles. (6 in total)
One of the thugs at the Warehouse carries an Assault Rifle.