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Name: Anton
Characteristics: Good Mathematician
Inventory Size: 8
Weaknesses: Abstinent

One of the possible Survivors in This War Of Mine.

Description[edit | edit source]

"I've been running into either unsufferable rubes or outright criminals. But I feel that you're different. And for a scientist with an established position like me, the company of people of comparable mental capacity is paramount. Besides.. ah, bloody hell, I can't stand faking it anymore! I'm just an old fart who knows nothing. I'm so grateful for your company. I've been out there alone for too long. Way too long."

Anton's Story[edit | edit source]

"I'm so glad to be here. I apologize for my introductory tirade. But this war has taken a heavy toll on my mind. Some people who are... who were very dear to my heart gave me an order to stay alive at all costs. And since I owe them my life, it's no longer mine to throw away."

"I was factually precise about my status in the academia. I was nominated for the Fields Medal once - it's like the Nobel Prize in mathematics. I'm... I used to teach and enjoyed it quite a lot. This, in turn, is in a way responsible for the impact the war had on me. I was trying to protect my brightest students for months, only to become a witness to them being killed ruthlessly."

"After the destruction of the university, we ran and hid. We lived in basements for endless months. We crawled through dark passages and hunted vermin to delay starvation. I saw my pupils go mad from fear, lack of hope, and deprivation. We huddled together in cellars like worms under a stone, listening to the roar of explosions, waiting for the merciful death."

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

  • Abstinent
  • Good Mathematician
  • Determined to survive no matter the cost, willing to turn a blind eye to (most) morally questionable acts such as theft and murder.
  • Runs slower than other survivors due to old age.
  • Has high depression resistance.
  • Can steal supplies and leave when he is depressed.
  • He can capture rats faster (in the rat trap) than any other character.

First Day appearances[edit | edit source]

Anton and Cveta.
Anton, Cveta, Emilia, and Zlata
Anton, Cveta, Pavle, and Zlata.

End Game[edit | edit source]

The following text will appear when the game ends and Anton is alive.

" While war left deep marks on Anton's character, he returned to teaching with new found determination. And while too old for the Field Medal, he's still eligible for the equally prestigious Able Prize."

Alternate ending

"Anton managed to stay alive but war scarred him for life. He never again found the courage to attach emotionally to anyone and devoted himself entirely to the pursuit of abstract knowledge."

The following text will appear when the game ends and Anton is dead.

"Anton will never get his award. Despite his students sacrifice, he did not manage to survive. The theorem he can prove, the students he could lead and inspire - all gone."

The Survivors in This War Of Mine